What Is Certified Organic Food?

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Organic Food Certification in Australia

The most effective way to check the quality of food labeled “organic” is to look for specific logos on the label or to find out about the farmers directly. Certified Organic food must meet certain strict criteria in Australia these two websites give detailed information on what is required.

Logos to look out for


Steps to Certification


The Organic Federation of Australia is the peak body for the Organic industry. It does not certify farmers but represents their interests.

Why Organic Foods?

Throughout the world, organic foods are eaten because of fewer pesticides, GMO’s, growth hormones, and synthetic chemicals.  Creating healthy eating patterns is easy when you buy bulk boxes of fruits and vegetables in conjunction with “optimizing” your home garden or farm to prepare to grow your own organic foods!

If you are looking for a good way to keep your body strong and healthy while promoting cellular growth, organic food can help you get there. It is well known in many cultures that what you eat acts as medicine for your cells – both increasing and decreasing immunity depending on what you consume.

When you are able to find organic fruits, vegetables, grains, and herbs you can count on higher levels of nutrition in your body due to the many vitamins, minerals, and essential ingredients they can contain, due to higher quality soil.

Organic food regulatory agencies perform constant and thorough checks and analysis of organic farms. If you are looking for a good alternative to eating healthy consider buying boxes of fruit and vegetables in bulk to promote slow cooking methods and sustainable energy.

Sustainable Living with Organic Foods

Biodynamic farming and organic farming plays a key role in promoting the quality of fruits, vegetables, grains, and herbs that are grown in a garden or on a farm. With this being said, the nutritional value and taste of organic food compared to “non-organic” foods is considered much higher, but will always depend on the soil it is grown in.

Organic farming is essential to maintaining the health of a particular ecosystem to ensure health for all organisms. The principles of biodynamic farming play a pivotal role in the production of  foods that enrich every organism in an environment. The more a particular society encourages the consumption of biodynamic and organic foods the fewer cases of preventable diseases are seen throughout a specific population.

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