What is an Organic Herbicide?

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Organic herbicides are like those magical solutions that can be used on gardens, farms, and in the environment to help maintain the health of a targeted herb or plant. Most organic herbicides are non-selective and can be made from natural sources that effect and regulate the pH of any given plant being grown. Generally, herbicides are used to kill unwanted weeds so that a specific plant can grow, although there are many different ingredients that are used in the different types of herbicides on the market.

Different Types of Herbicides

A synthetic herbicide is one that contains chemicals, often carcinogenic or otherwise intoxicating, that have been known to destroy natural vegetation in an environment. Scientific studies performed on the synthetic components of herbicides verify this claim and also encourage the use of natural or holistic herbicide substances that promote the health of the environment. If you are a health conscience individual who is looking for the best alternative to creating a strong and healthy diet and lifestyle, you should consider buying boxes of organic fruits and vegetables that have been grown with organic herbicides instead of synthetic herbicides or  GMO’s.

It should be noted that the more acidic the soil is the less a plant can grow, which means that the amount of herbicides should be well monitored and regulated to produce the desired effects. Soap-based herbicides work by dehydrating the protective layer on the leaves of plants. Furthermore, substances that are highly acidic, such as vinegar, can be used as an organic herbicide to maintain the health of targeted plants while killing unwanted weeds.

Healthy Effects of Organic Herbicides

The organic and inorganic compounds present in herbicides can either promote the health of the environment or they can deplete vital organic nutrients. It is a well-known fact that what we put into the ground, whether natural or synthetic, is present in the foods that we consume from farms and gardens everywhere. With this being said, the more often an organic herbicide containing organic and rejuvenating ingredients is used, the healthier we can become.

Organic Standards for Health

The acceptability of organic herbicides is based on their components, strength, dilution, and even dispersal method. Organic herbicides are deemed truly organic when they contain 5%-20% vinegar combined with steam to produce the “spray” effect that can be used in a large or small area, depending on the growth factors. Vinegar has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and antiseptic qualities that can be applied both topically and nutritionally because it promotes cellular health for plant and animal based organisms.

When the organic standards are recognised when using herbicides, the results can be phenomenal for a large population of people. What this means is that organic farms and gardens that encourage the use of organic herbicides will benefit holistically as well as economically because of the quality of food produced. Consumers everywhere should be aware of the quality of their food in regards to how they are grown because it is wise to know what ingredients are in your boxes of organic fruits and vegetables that you consume on a constant basis.

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