5 Sustainable Food Companies Doing Their Part For The Environment

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Sustainability is where it’s at when it comes to food. Whether we’re talking about fine dining or quick café eats, meat and fish produce or other products in your local supermarket, it’s clear that food companies are becoming increasingly conscious of their environmental impact.

Sustainability comes in various forms, whether the most basic, with organic food, or with lower energy bills, biodegradable plastic, and a few more eccentric options. It is also increasingly being expressed on a corporate level with company-wide strategies and visions.

Here we sample five food companies who are changing the way we eat and view food.Sustainability graphic on Performance.gov

Mars Chocolate

Mars…as in the one that produces Mars Bars, M&Ms, and Snickers? Though hotly contested by some, Mars Chocolate, a business segment of Mars, Incorporated, have gone to serious lengths to be more sustainable. For one, they have pledged to use 100% certified sustainable cocoa for all of its products worldwide by 2020. Other objectives include reducing packaging weights in favour of more recycled content.

Newman’s Own Organics

Newman’s Own Organics was created in 1993 by Neil Newman, daughter of famous Paul Newman and his many famous salad dressing and sauces. The younger Newman’s company seeks to offer organic, healthy snack foods free of refined oils and trans fats, sourcing ingredients from certified organic farms. Examples of its products include organic pretzels, chocolate bars, cookies, popcorn, vinegar, coffee, and even pet food!


Heinz holds the honour of being one of the few largest global food producers to have wide-ranging codes of conduct for its suppliers’ environmental performance.  Alongside Danone, Nestlé, and Unilever, Heinz has a long-term vision for sustainable business practice, with clear goals for its greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, and packaging. It has also been lauded in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes for its approach to climate change disclosure.

Uncommon Ground

Named “World’s Greenest Restaurant” by the Green Restaurant Association, Uncommon Ground in Chicago is serious about sustainability. For starters, it has the country’s first certified organic rooftop farm. Also on its roof are solar panels, collected rainwater, and beehives. Boasting near zero waste and high energy conservation, it also offers a 10% discount to those who bike to the restaurant! Not bad at all!

Bamboo Sushi

With more restaurants now serving organic food, reducing waste, and using biodegradable products, Bamboo Sushi restaurant in Portland, Oregon deserves a special mention for its efforts. Bamboo Sushi prides itself as the world’s first certified sustainable sushi restaurant, with all fish ethically caught from populations that are plentiful and in good health. Likewise, its meats are also all from local ranches and grass fed, hormone free, and free range. And get this: 100% of its energy is from renewable energy sources!

Tell us if you know about other sustainable food companies and we will add them to the list

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