My Email to the WHO re the Landmark UN report

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Hi Nick, Glenn and Nada,

Very interesting article about pesticides and their ability to disrupt hormones

I have a background as a Dietitian and have seen the effects of both natural and synthetic chemicals on children via their diets.  I understand that in this world, we have set up the system so that synthetic chemicals are considered innocent until proven guilty. We can make a chemical and add it to food as we please, however when it comes to drugs they need to go through years of testing because we are trying to say they do something beneficial. We are not making any claims with food chemicals or pesticides so instead everyone becomes part of a massive experiment.

Consider the possibility that no synthetic chemical is safe. That it would be impossible in any persons lifetime to do enough studies to show that these chemicals do not cause any known diseases or any new diseases. Consider that we have the system wrong and that we are looking at it from the wrong angle.

If we can’t use scientific research to rule out every disease known to man then what angle can we take. How about money. What would happen if we banned all synthetic chemicals from going anywhere near the food chain, not in farming, storage, transportation, manufacture etc. Yes there would be an initial cost to the people who lose their livelihood becasue they make money from making these chemicals. The farmers would all need to learn organic farming, manufactures would need to find new ingredients. How much would that cost compared to the impossible cost of doing enough studies to test every chemical for every disease and the cost of all the diseases, and non disease burdens like IVF on the health systems.

Consider that we need to educate the world on the fact that we can never ever assure them that any of these chemicals are safe.

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