Organic Growers – Why So Many People Are Choosing Organic

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There is a certain level of altruism involved in advocating organic food or being organic growers. Many who support the organic movement are those with a significant capacity for selflessness. Typically, they are people who demonstrate a genuine concern for others and for the environment.

[news]“What is the use of living, if it be not to strive for noble causes and to make this muddled world a better place for those who will live in it after we are gone?” ~ Sir Winston Churchill, statesman[/news]

Why Choose Organic

Usually, a person starts eating organic in a bid to make healthier food choices – just for himself at first. He soon gets family and friends to try eating organic too, so they can also enjoy the health benefits. Then he learns that eating organic is safer for the environment as well. Eventually he finds out that eating organic is a huge help to people who are promoting a worthy cause.

You probably know at least one person, a friend or a family member or a colleague, who is an organic food aficionado. Possibly this person has explained to you why he made the big switch. He might even have tried to convince you to make the same choice too. Do you remember the reasons he gave you? He probably didn’t stop at just telling you that organic food is healthier for you. In all likelihood, he also told you that organic food is better not just for you, but for other people too – that in fact, it’s better for the whole planet!

Who Is Going Organic?

And that’s exactly why more and more people are going organic: not just as buyers and consumers, but increasingly as producers, suppliers, and sellers, too.

  • Celebrated chefs and devoted foodies alike are running cozy restaurants, publishing recipe books, and even teaching cooking classes, all focused on healthy, tasty dishes made with quality organic ingredients.
  • Practitioners of holistic health care consider natural and organic food, supplements, and treatments as indispensable, integral components of their wellness programs.
  • Environment-conscious entrepreneurs are creating and selling organic goods – and not just the edible ones either: “Organic” is now a buzzword in cosmetics, personal care products, household cleaning items… and even in clothing!

Organic Growers

Some veteran farmers have already switched from the conventional methods of agriculture to the more time-consuming, more labor-intensive, and sometimes less profitable practices of organic farming. Most first-time organic farmers started out as consumers of organic food, who have gone into growing and raising it themselves, because they want to play a more active role in sharing its many benefits with others. Even regular folks are planting small backyard gardens cultivating fresh organic herbs, vegetables, and fruits for themselves and their families.

These organic growers are raising plants and livestock via more ecologically sound means that display a great respect for nature. They and the people who buy from them – whether health conscious individuals picking up a few vegetables or some meat for a nutritious home cooked meal, or savvy restaurateurs sourcing sustainable ingredients for their finest dishes, or naturopaths promoting non-invasive, non-chemical ways to treat illness and achieve wellness, or entrepreneurs acquiring raw materials for their environment friendly products – are advocates of being not just environmentally, but also socially, responsible.

“The power of a movement lies in the fact that it can indeed change the habits of people. This change is not the result of force but of dedication, of moral persuasion.” ~ Steve Biko, activist

Take Care of Yourself And The Planet

Thanks to their personal beliefs and principles, many proponents of the organic movement are taking care of both their planet and of their neighbors, by helping to preserve nature for this and future generations, while as providing livelihood opportunities to disadvantaged communities. But they’re in a long, hard struggle against the cheap prices of convenient, conventional products; the stiff competition from big companies and industries; and the propaganda spread by cynics and naysayers, who count among their number self-seeking capitalists just out to make a quick profit regardless for the social and ecological consequences. The organic movement needs our support.

When you go organic, you’re not just gaining something for yourself. You’re also giving back by doing good things for others and doing the right thing for our environment. Going organic was a big change that’s greatly benefited me and so many others, and it’s a wonderful cause that I can definitely dedicate myself to. How about you?

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