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Let’s face it: as popular as organic food has become these past few years, it still isn’t as widely available as we might like it to be. Despite the growth of farmer’s markets, the rise in organic food fairs, and the increase in organic food products being sold in regular groceries and supermarkets, there are still a lot of places that lack the ideal proximity to organic items, and a lot of people who would like to get better, easier access to organic food.

Then add to these the hectic work schedules, stressful routines, and fast paced lifestyles that can characterize so many days for so many of us. All of these factors can make it a real challenge to maintain a diet of adequate, not to mention healthy and nutritious – let alone organic –food on a regular basis.

Organic Delivered? – How and From Who

Good thing there’s organic food delivery to the rescue. Since most organic farms start out as small, family-run operations, at first they usually had just enough produce to sell within their own communities. But as they expanded (often keeping the farm within the family, the better to maintain their integrity and quality), they cultivated more crops and enjoyed bigger harvests, so that eventually they were yielding more produce than their neighbors needed. At the same time, they looked around and saw communities that weren’t fortunate enough to have an organic farm within the vicinity, and areas that had gotten so urbanized that there was hardly space left for even a tiny garden nurturing a handful of organic herbs.

So these family farms thought, why not supply organic food to these places and these people? That way, they could keep their produce from going to waste because they could send it to someone who would surely put it to good use, and they could help even more people eat healthier!

This turned out great for both the health conscious person who might be too busy or living too far away to shop for organic food regularly, and the curious individual who might like to try organic food but could have quickly been discouraged by the difficulty of finding it.

Organic food delivery ensures a steady supply of fresh, in-season, healthy, tasty, high-quality, certified organic fruits and vegetables brought straight to the customer’s home or office.

It’s regular – customers can choose the frequency of delivery, whether weekly or fortnightly or monthly. It’s customizable – shoppers can select from several “pre-packed” options (all-vegetables, all-fruits, mixed-box, etc), or even specify the items they want and then have their boxes filled to order. It’s convenient – no more forgetting, or being too busy, or using up precious time to go to the market. It’s cost-effective – the prices are reasonable and competitive; and besides, money is saved that would otherwise have been spent on gas and parking or on public transportation for trips to the market.

So whether you’re someone who absolutely loves organic food and eats it every day (good for you!), a recent convert who wants to eat organic more regularly (wise choice!), or maybe someone who’s just thinking of doing an “organic diet week” (great idea!), there’s an incentive for you to enjoy the many advantages of organic food delivery. Why not try it today?

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