My Attempt To Eat Only Organic Food

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I thought that I ate mostly organic food. However when I really thought about it I discovered this was really only at Bf and dinner. So I thought I would try to just eat organic.  I organised myself to have plenty of organic food delivered and three local places I can buy organic food if I need to. Surely it would not be to hard to eat only organic. Well one week in and it has been difficult.

One day I forgot to take my lunch with me into the city and so was left with no choice but to buy non organic as there are no organic lunch places in the city. Then I had two business breakfasts to go to and of course there was no organic food. There are no organic breakfast places that I know of in Brisbane so what do you do? Aside from taking your own food to the Business BF or not eating at all?

It really is the meals that are a problem, most organic stores and even health food stores stock organic snacks, so you can easily get chocolate, biscuits, corn chips etc.

Since I do not enjoy cooking I cooked up some meals on Sunday night that could be portioned out for about 10 meals. It really does get boring though eating the same two meals all week. I don’t eat out very often.  But suddenly becasue I realised I could not go and grab some Thai if I felt like it, the reality of only being able to eat my cooking sunk in. Luckily I have recently discovered Momo’s meals which are organic soups and risotto, so that does help a bit.

But how awesome would it be to have lots of Organic Restaurants in Brisbane. There must be someone out there who wants to open one. How good would it be if a restaurant had all sorts of meals that were all organic Thai, Indian, Steak and Vegetables, Pasta, Mexican etc. There is only one organic restaurant in Brisbane that I know of Mondo Organic’s but that is not an everyday affordable option.

Yes I suppose I could learn to cook, but I don’t really want to. I suppose another option is to hire a personal chef. Anyway I am still going to try to eat only organic food, but it will require a lot more thought and effort then I imagined.

So if anyone knows of other restaurants that serve organic meals in Brisbane or someone who would like to be a personal organic chef. Maybe someone who wants to create organic meals and have then delivered by one of the companies on this site. Please let me know. How do you manage if you only eat organic food?

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