Infertility And Low Sperm Count – Are Pesticides Effecting You?

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If you really think about it there is no way that any kind of synthetic chemical could ever be safe for humans. If we are making something that never existed before there is no way that every system of our body will be able to deal with it. We seem to have enough trouble with food itself. Plenty of people react to the natural chemicals in food. So what makes us think for even a second that anything synthetic could be safe.

Previous Theory

Anyway it seems that the theory that low concentrations of pesticides will be ok has been a fallacy for a very long time. But like most things we don’t find out for about 50 years after the 1st research proves this. Apparently at very low levels pesticides and other synthetic chemicals can act like hormones. They found this out in 1940 and by 1980 many studies showed this. In 2013 the WHO called for urgent research. But by the time the research is done it will be to late for many people. The only option is to go Organic now.

So what does this really mean for fertility?

It means that the food you eat contains pesticides and even though it is at low levels they can act like hormones such as Oestrogen. This means they can lower sperm count and lead to Infertility. Going organic must surely be cheaper then IVF. Oh and they can also cause your children to have genito-urinary tract abnormalities.  I don’t know what type of abnormalities but you really don’t want any do you, and increase cancers of the sexual organs.

The current testing which is used to permit chemical residues in our food and water is based on the assumption (why do we bother to assume these things) that all chemicals lose their toxicity as their levels decrease to the point where they are non-toxic. This is clearly not correct. Most synthetic chemicals have not been tested for the effect on the endocrine system. So basically the testing we are currently doing to determine safe levels is useless.

Other Issues

Not only is it lowered fertility and cancer but also Diabetes and ADHD and who knows what else that are linked to the hormone like effect. The reality is that it is very difficult to avoid synthetic chemicals. However there is no time like the present to start trying. Every time you buy organic food and personal care products free from synthetic chemicals you are helping that industry to grow and hopefully one day rid the world of synthetic chemicals. It is up to you. If you buy non organic etc then you are voting for the other companies and they therefore have no reason to change.

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