Beneficial Insects Are Your Garden’s Natural Pest Control

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There are natural pest control solutions available for you to consider. One of the best solutions to get rid of harmful insects and bugs from your garden is to attract beneficial insects. These beneficial insects are considered your garden’s natural pest control since they can help you avoid using dangerous and toxic pesticides, and help you create a more bio-diverse and flourishing environment.

What Type Of Insects Should You Attract In Your Garden?

Ladybugs: This type of insect is one of the most popular “good” insects that gardeners want to attract in their garden. Ladybugs can feed on aphids, whiteflies, and spider mites. To attract ladybugs, your garden must have some of the following plants: buckwheat, hairy vetch, marigold, dill, dandelion, coriander, tansy, and fern-leaf.

Brochanids, Chalcids, and Ichneumon Wasps: Wasps are usually accused of being harmful for your garden; however, there are other types of wasps that are very beneficial, such as Trichogramma wasps since they are completely harmless and stingless. Additionally, these insects can get rid of leaf-eating caterpillars. To attract them, your garden must have celery, parsley, caraway, lemon balm, yarrow, orange parsley, and lavender globe lily.

Praying Mantis: These large insects usually consume spiders, crickets, moths, and grasshoppers. These beneficial insects have a longer life cycle than other bugs which is very good for your garden. To attract praying mantis to your garden, you need to have: raspberry, hazel shrubs and pine, and cosmos. It is also advisable to have organic matter or compost and mulch to support the needs of these bugs.

Hover-flies: Not all flies are harmful. There are certain types of flies such as hover-flies which can be good for your garden. This insect consumes aphids and other insects and bugs. Hover-flies can also intimidate bees and wasps thus they won’t try to approach your garden. They are attracted to composite flowers, such as goldenrod, asters, and yarrow.

Beneficial Nematodes: Nematodes are microscopic, worm-like organisms that can get rid of other pests. This type of insect is known as a biological insecticide since they can easily eliminate harmful bugs, such as ants, grubs, fleas, and beetles. To attract this type of insect, you will need to purchase your first round to introduce them to your garden, and you must encourage their growth. In addition, they will also need plenty of organic matter, biodiversity, and mulch.

Create A Mini-Insectary In Your Garden

To address your insect and bug problems in your garden while attracting beneficial insects, you can consider creating a garden mini-insectary. This is a small garden plot made up of flowering plants which is designed to attract beneficial insects. This method makes use of the positive attributes of certain plants that share in deterring pests, attracting natural predators, and acquiring nutrients.

Your garden insectary plot does not need to be huge. It just needs to be big enough to hold at least six varieties of plants that can attract beneficial insects. The “good” insects will then prey on common garden bug pests and provide a safer and natural alternative pest solution. Once your garden has flourished and matured, you can easily enjoy a pest-free garden.

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