Fruit and Vegetables? How many serves a day? Really, are you serious?

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During my training as a Dietitian in the early nineties we were telling everyone they needed 5 serves of fruit and vegetables a day. That just by increasing your intake could make a huge difference to your health and well being.

Well now it is 7 serves of fruit and vegetables a day that is recommended.

This may be due to a decline in nutritional value of our food or a recognition that we need even more nutrients then originally thought. I don’t know when or why this change came about, but I do know that in the 90’s only 10% of people were having 5 serves a day. So how many people do you think get 7????

Do you know how many serves a day that you have? A serve is about a handful. I would highly recommend writing down the number of handfuls of fruit and vegetables you eat per day in a diary or on your phone for a week. If it is only 2 a day then buy enough so you can get 4 a day. If it is 4 day buy enough to have 6 a day, etc. If you can’t get to 7 at least have more then what you currently are. It’s the little things that you do every day that make a difference.

Most Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes etc don’t just suddenly appear. People actually spend years punishing their bodies with poor quality food to achieve these diseases.

Organic Fruit and Vegetables are they worth the money

If you are able to buy organic fruit and vegetables you will reduce the amount of chemicals you are eating. You may hear that the level of chemicals on food is really low so it’s ok. However the WHO report shows that pesticides at low levels are dangerous for an entirely different reason. The low concentration means they actually work as hormone disruptors. So you can either pay for organic food now or pay extra medical costs in the future.

Maybe one day we will realise that all man made chemicals are toxic because they are man made and our bodies are not designed to cope with them.

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