Facts About Organic Food In Australia

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The facts about organic foods speak for themselves. Organic foods have been gaining popularity with consumers becoming more aware of the many benefits associated with organic farming. Since there is a significant absence of any synthetic chemicals as well as any genetically modified components, people prefer to go the organic way for acquiring maximum benefits from a choice of healthy foods.

In Australia, organic producers need to be functioning for a minimum of three years according to organic principles in order to become certified.

This practice is carried out to ensure that only the best available produce reaches your dinner table. Whether your concern is the use of pesticides, protecting the environment or using natural farming cycles, organically produced foods can address all these issues.  So, why not make an effort to try and find some of the organic food outlets located in your area.

Following the principles of organic farming Australian producers provide a variety of diverse products ranging from fruits and vegetables to meat and dairy as well as nuts and oilseeds. All foods are produced with the aim of delivering the highest nutritional value without compromising environmental factors.

Facts About Organic Food Accredited Certification:

Within Australia, the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) has the task of organic inspection and certification. It conducts this with the collaboration of the following approved certifying organizations:

  • ACO– Australian Certified Organic
  • NASAA– National Association for Sustainable Agriculture
  • Safe Food Queensland
  • Bio-Dynamic Research Institute
  • Organic Food Chain
  • Organic Growers of Australia
  • Tasmanian Organic –Dynamic Producers

Better Nutritional Value:

It’s true that organic food can be more expensive than traditionally grown food, but when you consider the risk factors associated with the consumption of chemically treated or altered foods, the health benefits of organic produce will easily outweigh the price factor. Some studies have shown that opting for organic foods means that you receive nutritionally dense produce in comparison with its non organic counterpart. Plus the absence of chemical treatments retains the antioxidants properties of fresh fruits and vegetable. Added benefits include exposure to lower levels of nitrate, higher levels of vitamin C and selenium.

Animal Welfare and Environmental Concerns:

For those of us who have animal welfare at heart, organically produced meat can be expected to be devoid of any hormonal alterations or preservatives. Environmental concerns are also addressed by organic farmers as foods are produced and farmed using sustainable methods. Such farming does not disrupt the eco-system or deplete soil fertility.


Organic produce in Australia can be purchased from various supermarkets, green grocers, health food shops or certified organic retailers. To make things easier, ordering online is also an option. With so many ways to do so, ordering fresh organic produce such as fruits and vegetables in your locality is really quite easy.

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